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StudyTime Tutoring LLC is owned and operated by a team of full-time professional tutors with intimate knowledge of local schools and challenges. Each one of us possesses thousands of hours of one-on-one tutoring experience with students in the Bay Area. As professional 1:1 educators, we have mastered the art of delivering content individually tailored to a student’s unique needs and learning style. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges students in the Bay Area face, we are uniquely positioned to guide students through the common core maze and SAT/ACT preparation process.


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Hours of Experience per Tutor

Each tutor on our team not only has a professional degree, but each also possesses thousands of hours of 1-on-1 teaching experience with students in the Bay Area!



Academic Support

With multiple years of experience serving Bay Area students, we have an intimate knowledge of local curricula, know how to anticipate challenges, and charter a path to academic success!



Score Improvement GuarAnteed

Although a majority of students improve by 100-150 points and beyond, we guarantee improvement contingent upon completion of all homework and practice tests!


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Let’s talk about your student’s needs today, or schedule a time to talk to a director about your student’s situation on your time. Based on input from parents, we can collaborate on a unique academic support program or SAT/ACT preparation plan that works for you!